linen and tablecloths for hotels and industrial laundries

From an experience in the sector of over fifty years, precisely 1926, already matured within our group, the "La Ginestra" line was born in 1993, specifically dedicated to linen and textile supplies for hotels and industrial laundries.

To offer a better service to our customers, we have an assortment of products always ready in stock to meet every need.

Giulio Razzanelli - La ginestra


New Collection

Bedroom Collection

Our bedroom collection offers a complete line from pillowcase, sheet to duvet cover. We use top quality cottons: double twisted, mercerized, combed and sanforized.

Kitchen and Tablecloths Collection

Our tableware collection offers products for which we use the precious double twisted Egyptian cotton. Napkins, stain covers, tablecloths and other kitchen products, you will find everything you need.


Bathroom Collection

Our bathroom collection offers different types of sponges, crepe and honeycomb. From the rugs, to the trio of towels to the bathrobes, there are all the items you need for your bathroom. From basic quality to luxury, quality and resistance to washing are the hallmark of our products.

Medical product collection

Our products for the healthcare line are designed for nursing homes and hospitals. They are specifically manufactured to meet all the needs of such facilities.



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